Gene and I made our annual trip to the Marshfield Fair and had a good time. I love seeing all the animals at the fair and watching the people. Thought I would share some of the photos I took.

This cow was too funny, I have no idea why it was doing that with it's tongue. Sorry it's sideways... couldn't get it to post the right way.
lots of pics of my flowers after a night of rain....

I came across an art group recently that provides ideas and techniques to keep one motivated and trying new things in art. It is called Art from the Heart. It has tons of ideas and resources and videos...
The August challenge is Scanner Art... making art on your flatbed scanner. I was very intrigued by this concept. I made a few scans this morning which I have posted below. I think I will be doing more of these...

I call this one "Reluctance".... Wicketts was a reluctant participant.

I love how the blossoms look before they open, all curly.

Lovely dark purple.

I just loved the color of these and the darker pink border on the flowers.

Here are some random pics of my nastursiums. I grow them every year and try to find lots of different colored varieties.