Went to Plymouth Beach this morning to enjoy our coffee and the bright sun and blue sky before the impending storm is due tonite. I love the beach at winter. The tide was astronomically high this morning. Not too many birds around... the usual gulls and some crows. Whenever we go to the beach I have to open my window so I can hear the waves... to me it isn't the beach without the waves. It has been very cold and there were chunks of sea ice washing onto the beach. When we were leaving the beach I was looking at the dune/grass area and fresh water stream, not looking for anything specific but just looking....

I took a photo of something that I spotted..... can you see it?

Here is a closer shot.... It is a Dark Crowned Night Heron...he was fishing for his breakfast.

It is so amazing what is right in front of us...all we have to do is look.
It is really rather amazing how many birds you can see in your own yard if you just offer them a little food and water. We had a new visitor to our feeders this weekend. The Pine Siskin.... a cute little bird that summers in western canada and alaska...it's amazing to think how far those birds can fly.

I got a couple of photos... they aren't the best but they do so the yellow markings good.

Gene and I got up a bit early on New Year's Day and decided to go get some coffee and then go to Nelson Beach and enjoy the cold but beautiful morning.... as we were leaving the house, Gene says to me "why don't you bring your camera?" I replied, "nah"... Next time I will definately grab the camera on the way out the door.

We get to Nelson Beach and it is lovely in a cold, frozen New England coast sort of way. We are looking around and notice a really large bird at the water line eating something... It is dark colored and got us very curious...so after much digging around behind the seat looking for binoculars and breaking a nail in the process.... We check it out and isn't is an immature Bald Eagle.... he/she was eating a duck.

Totally amazing and I think a good omen for the New Year. That'll teach me not to take 2 seconds and grab the camera.